Don't let people leave during countdown!

I’m tired to see people leave during countdown if they don’t like map or ur favored civ.
please let them stop it!


Then they just gonna altf4, nothing changes. they should just add options to let people ban the maps they don’t want to play on.


If you force people to play crappy maps(which are plenty right now), they will just quit the game altogether


Water maps are torture though. I used to make myself play them every time but now I leave during countdown because they’re a mind numbing endurance test. It shouldn’t be like forcing yourself to eat vegetables so you can also have the tasty meat etc. Others do it to me all the time too and I don’t mind it now. In AOE2DE we have map bans when queuing for ranked matchmaking so we don’t have this issue. Can’t wait for the same to come here/ for them to fix water.

We can’t see your civ during countdown.

No way José, this game needs some compensation for the poor Delhi only man before he gets stuck playing water maps. I’m in agony when I get matched, see Islands, backout, then get matched with Archipelago next. 8 minutes before I get a game in such a case. :frowning:

u can see my last games and check which civ I’m using

Oh right I’ve never bothered. Do people do that? I will play against any civ.

I leave for completely different reasons than map or civ choices. Tho I might dodge water maps if I’ve been playing multiple on same day, but generally I check names of players and decide if im going to play or not. I got set of rules on this. I got tired of drophacking and dealing with troublesome teammates so I just dodge things when I see something I dont like

Nah, the devs must give players a choice to pick their favourite maps or ban the least favourite maps. That way, people do not have to leave.

Currently, water maps are horrible due to various issues, so I always leave and go search again.

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Hide your game record if you are worried about that.

Maybe don’t click start as soon as the room fills up? What if they wanted to change civs? Ask for another map? Team up with a friend?

Maybe don’t allow uneven teams, of course they’re gonna leave if your entire team is level 60+ and they’re all below 20

I’m not saying these are things you’ve done, I’m not gonna bother checking your match history, I’m just saying from my experience this is why people leave.

Now I do believe there should be a penalty (maybe showing 2 losses instead of 1) if a player drops out after the first 15 mins, lots of people will quit if they feel they’ve lost the early game and not give their team a chance to come back.

The level is not relevant at all to indicate your quality as a player.

If the map is Dry arabia then I’d still alt f4 and take a timed ban over playing it.

Plus when I get in a lobby and see that the enemy is a full premade team on a win streak vs a multinational team of randos then I’ll probably give that a miss too.

How about fixing the game instead of policing your players? All they do is applying their own workaround because the devs missed to implement basic systems like banning maps (and generally failed at balancing maps, civs and gameplay systems).


Leaving 15 minutes in shouldn’t be punished. Leaving at start is a much worse thing to do.

Also, about level, I started this game directly to QM having never played its PvE, so my level was 0 but my opponents were level 90 or higher and their ELO was only 900 - 1100, so no big deal with level in reality, but I know a lot of players might actually use it as a judge of skill since we can’t see a ladder standing in the QM lobby.

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I agree but it still provides an intimidation factor to new players.

Yes to the second part, it wouldn’t me so much of an issue if we had other ways to gauge, but right now most people are looking at levels.

There are too many balancenissues when it comes to certain maps atm. Hopefully things will get better with the next patch. I know game is still new so balance issues are normal, but you also can’t blame players for not playing maps that highly favour one civ over another.

It is ONLY WAY how to dodge notoric drophackers which you know by name or met before.
Am top 50 both in 3v3/4v4 so I usually meet the same guys all over again and again.
Sadly some of them (Special thanks to Vietnamese community from where most hackers come from) are drophackers.
I am not gonna name them here but I (I mean we - top ladder players) have a list of these players and this is only way how to prevent to be matched against/with them.
You dont want them in your team as well since they mostly play Mongols and doo multiple oovo exploit as well (which is broken af in tgs) and they are very bad players in the end and reached top ranks only by dooing all the cheats+exploits.

The same players were abusing infinite relics bugs / removing stone walls or wonder resoursec payback back in the days.

So yeah if u wanna remove only way how to avoid such a braindead players without any sense of honor and fairplay than go-ahead bro :slight_smile:

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