Don't let people leave during countdown!

In my opinion dodging has to be penalized with a lost, if you want to dodge you get a lost and lose ELO/MMR/points in the same way you would if you lost the game after playing it.

AOE3 already has this, otherwise we will have player keep dodging and this is just bad. I’ll take LOL as an example which is RTS and very competitive in nature. There dodging was causing the top of players having to wait 30+ minutes to find a game on top of the already long queue

It is an excuse saying we have to dodge drop hackers or any new things that comes in the future, That is a separate issue which has to be addressed by the devs.

We should also have the option to choose which maps to play as game is currently very imbalanced but this has nothing to do with dodging them for free without any penalty.

Dodging in this game, the way it is. its an exploit which we are abusing to our advantage. Unless the devs state this is how the game should be.

It’s not an exploit. When we have ranked added they will let us opt out of some maps like AOE2 DE does hopefully. Building invisible invincible walls with Rus is an exploit for example.

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Its not a ■■■■■■■ excuse. If u want to waste time in a games which u know will end 100% with no result than good luck. Nobody on top of the ladder is not doing so. Right now its actual and common issue and not separated.

No right now its not. In upcoming rankeds where u can put a veto on some maps? yes than it would be. Am never going to play BF or Islands in 4v4/3v3 (in upcoming rankeds) and nobody from top of the ladder as well since its a shitfest of unbalanced features.

Right now due to how many bugs/exploits/imbalances it might seem fine to dodge, If the dodge remain after Ranked it is not fine and even now it is not fine. I understand that there are things we don’t want to face. I spam dodge a lot myself but it is just wrong. The way it is wrong, is because we get away with what we want in a supposed random queue system with no penalty.
We queue up, we don’t like a player? Dodge / We don’t like a map? Dodge

Dodging on any other game that has a good system gives you a lose and if you depend on dodging to climb, then you’re ofc not going to go anywhere in the ladder but will have to learn most matches and maps instead of the easy route which is to dodge


BUSTED so hard


It’s probably against forum rules for me to post that but it’s trolling of him to come here and call water dodgers exploiters after doing that. I’ve seen a video on how it’s done as well and there is no way it was done by accident.

It’s very disappointing I thought it was very cool how a top 100 player was always active on the discord, steam and AOE forums helping out noobs and posting useful video guides. A lot of others will have looked up to him and respected him. He’s let himself and others down big time.


It’s uncanny, to me, that a punishment should be dealt out to everybody with a week or two of experience playing QM games because they haven’t received a remedy to the problems causing them to dodge unsavory scenarios.

When I see an official Ranked play, I’ll work within whatever parameters I’m dealt by the Devs, but just to play the game? Ja…ja…ja ja.

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completely irrelevant to his post.

:rofl: :relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :cry: :confounded:

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It’s not irrelevant when he comes here all righteously talking how dodging is wrong and it’s an exploit abuse when he got caught on stream abusing a glaring exploit himself.


I think you’ve misidentified the player being referenced above.

One can deduce from all of this that queue dodging is being treated as an exploit, or something to be punished.

The OP said,

That, along with the thread title being, “Don’t let people leave during countdown!” indicate that the OP would indeed like to see a stop put to queue dodging, and didn’t do so righteously.

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Gotcha. Thank you for clearing that up for me, my bad.

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I always alt-f4 if I see opponent is playing mongols or it’s a water map. Just so boring and cancerous.

Yeah I’m ngl if I see more than 2 Chinese im out,

I have to quit on water maps bc this game isn’t optimized at all and I lag HEAVILY only while looking directly at water. (Not my pc, gtx 1850)

I actually really WANT to play water maps, they’d probably be my favorite if I could actually play them.


I’d love to be able to turn down JUST the water graphics, instead of having to settle for lesser graphics everywhere because the water is unoptimized.

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