Don't let the game cool down

I’ve enjoyed games from various small and medium-sized developers for a long time.
Some of these games were shut down in a really short time, and others were well served while maintaining a certain number of users for a long time.

Considering the (unknown) developer situation and the global epidemic situation, I understand that the interval between patch updates can be extended.

However, when looking at games that have been well serviced for a long time, despite the long update interval, the development team constantly informed users of what they are doing.

The game continues to flourish just by writing a few lines on the official SNS.

Developers should take advantage of these so that they can continue to play the game with expectations for the next patch.

In particular, it is more important when users’ complaints are rising as they are now.


Well said.

I know I’ll be sticking around for a while, that’s for sure, but it’s also my understanding some complaints are being left unanswered – hindering general engagement.


Look at aoe3de, which has only an average of more than 3000 online people per day. It is updated and repaired very frequently. The dev of aoe3de is a group of guys who love the game, enthusiastic, positive and responsible. :+1:


i wish aoe4 hadnt been launched, i was quite happy playing aoe3de. i have stopped playing it since the “successful launch” of aoe4

Nothing stopping you from playing AoE3. AoE4 is a bit boring from time to time. So I always switch to AoE3 from time to time.