Dont you think that these team cards are very op?


Chinese medicine can also accelerate the speed of treasure ship manufacturing resource boxes in plot battles

manchu – very strong. by nature of team cards though, it can’t really be nerfed or it would be worse in a 2v2 than the regular manchu shipment.

hand mortars – nah. Just okay.

The balance is that they are counter units so not as OP. But Team 2 falconets or Team 10 musks would be insane and thus not in the game.

i always want a chinese ally, 4000k gold for team is only avaiable at age IV in other civs

4 Hand Mortars OP? You gotta be kidding me.

5 Manchus may not be OP either.

There are very strong team cards, though. These aren’t those.

You know what would be OP?

TEAM 10 Musketeers, TEAM 10 falconets, TEAM 1 Fort Wagon or some card that buffs both the attack AND hit points of a land unit that is spammable for the entire team.


team 10 musketeers? i prefer 5 manchus team. Taunt 26