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mejor has: 1. minimapa cuando te raidean un aldeano se hace una alerta roja. 2. minimapa se puede mover de lugar y al hacerlo grande se siguen mostrando los recursos. 3. bandera roja de cuando tienes tropas inactivas

would be good it wer could click on market, because if we click on 363 food, click does nothing, so clicking on 363 should just seelct the indian market that is under


and here too, its so annoying i cant click through the banner to build house


also trickles per source should be shown there somewhere or by hovering the mouse over the source

and how much does this increase healing?
we need this kind of iu improvement… please

this gold bar of quee creation could be red… better contrast with other colors… or have a white mark like the blueblack hitpoint bar

waypoints should be displayed on minimaps after clicking the building, so we know where we are going to go our prized villagers and militars troops, and we would stop suiciding them.
some times we accidentally make rights clicks and out troops move where we dont want because of the waypoint is placed on the enemy zone

each sending (A S D) has diferent countdown to arrive, IU should show time of arriving

this quee could be more understandable like this:
also would help to see longer quees, where units that are being created dont even appear on quee because there is not enough space

I like it, but Im not sure if post game transparency os a good idea. It could be hard to read the numbers and see the graphs with some textures.

As a side note: Could be possible to add a Hotkey or button to find mansabdars and daymios??

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