Double ability (Genie editor)

Hey there mates. Is there a way to modify a unit to behave like a monk (converting other units) and then when faith is regenerating to change the unit to have melee attack?

I also want to know if there is a way to manually change that trait using the Ratha’s special button.

I want to make a working Zombie that can convert, as well as deal melee damage. Any other Zombie creating ideas would be welcome. Thanks!

What you need is a necromancer.Ratha is two units stacked together thats why it has the button to stacking a monk and a meele unit might work.

Monk abilities are still hardcoded so your initial idea is not doable.

Are you referring to a necromancer as a unit? Or as a mythological idea?

How do you stack units? I messed around with the Ratha button on different units, but it only replaces them with a movable map revealer…