Double click on a unit in XBOX doesn--t work

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  • **GAME BUILD 101.102.22327.0.0

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Double click with mouse on a unit will not select all visible units of that specific unit. . this is a new bug, it didn-t happen before

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Double clidk on a unit

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All visible units of the selected unit sould be selected

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I’m glad you’ve also pointed this out. It was a slight issue before, as in it was difficult to double click moving units but it is unplayable now. I hope they fix it soon as I can’t play until they do. It’s infuriating.

The team is aware of this issue :slight_smile:


This is great thanks!

Now that you’re working on it, be aware that it wasn’t working too well even before. When units where moving it was almost impossible. Boyle it’s completely broken but it would be great to fix it while units move.

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They seem to have just reverted it back to how it was. Shame, would have been nice to double click moving targets too. Can really be the decider between winning and losing an engagement.


I played yesterday and it doesn’t seem to be solved I would really like if they fix the issue with moving units too

Yeah I agree sorry. I just tested it in single player and it seemed to work fine. Went online and it didn’t work so stopped playing again. Any idea how we will know when it’s fixed? Just ruining my rank because I can’t control my units.

Hi! Has this been fixed.on the new patch? I haven’t read anything about it on the notes of the patch.

Please I beg you to fix it… It is unplayable at this point and I am really struggling in all my games. At a certain ELO it’s impossible to micro properly without this feature.

I haven’t seen this bug in the page withe the bug tracking either.

Please please please fix this issue it’s in my opinion the biggest and worst bug un Xbox. The rest is fantastic so far, but this is really frustrating

Someone replied to me saying they are still working on it. Not sure if it has been fixed yet? I don’t play it anymore. Just play the occasional game on controller when me and my brother are both free (very rare) but we’ve managed to get to 1350 elo on gamepad team games :joy: I’m not even 1000 on mouse and keyboard (I was but lost so many with this double click broken I stopped playing) haha.

Next update should fix it. It’s on the patch notes

Let’s cross the fingers

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Do you have a link for this? Also a date for the patch?

It’s in steam

It’s been fixed nicely!! No issues whatsoever. Either when units are standing still or moving.

Thx devs!