Double-queue-command - is this a bug?

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I am not sure if this is supposed to be like that but if it is, it should not be in my opinion. Here’s what I’m talking about:

When you put a queue command twice on the same sheep and then you queue command a boar, the villager, after finishing the queued sheep, will not go the boar but will go to another sheep that have not been queued.

That is ultra annoying because sometimes you would queue a sheep twice because you have a freshly created vil under the tc. When you get the boar now, some vils won’t shoot the boar but will walk to find new sheep literally anywhere which can lead to a dead villager and/or unwanted sheep kills outside of the tc.

I think noone who clicks one sheep twice would do that for taking multiple sheep. It’s just something you do in order to make sure that you have clicked and you will expect that twice the same click will be counted as one click. It also doesn’t make sense to queue a villager to continue the same work (get a random other sheep) because that is what the villager will do anyways if you don’t queue anything.

It should be changed. If there is something queue double, just handle it as one single command. [edit: That is also how it seems to be for any other ressources! For berries, wood or deer, this bug does not apply. Which underlines that it’s being a bug.]

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