Double, triple layer farms

I hardly ever watch streams… but thats a triple tier in the top left

“kHmEr fARms aRe FiNe bECauSe no oNe eVer pLaceS faRMs 2 deEp” was repeated about 1000 times before they were nerfed… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: (in the same vein of exaggeration)

Clearly some people hate being told “i told you so”

Dang this sequel sucks, I wish the scenarists were good enough to create a new story.


It seems that the clowns fiesta will never end…
Why did you create this topic again after it got deleted? What is the goal of this (re)post?

To be constructive, here’s my last reply:

Also take into account:

  • Multiple layers are less problematic once you have researched whellbarrow and handcart
  • Multiple layers take less time to place than optimal farm. Increasing your farm rate by a little margin (2/3/4%) is important - but if you spend 2 minutes on only that then it’s probably bad on another aspect. Like micro unit, …
  • Multiple layer is difficult to protect but it doesn’t change anything when you reach a certain moment of the game and then: what’s the point of this topic? ?…