Dragons and dragon ruin

too bad no destruction animation =(


  • aztec flame dragon slp also from aokheavens forget where downloaded from but I recall reading that it is originally made by FE developers (forgotten empires).
  • incas’s red dragon. dragon SLP from aok heavens by Agamemmnon.
  • flying lesser dragon by j_c_a, thanks to vampireslayer from aok heavens re-uploaded the mod.
  • mayan’s flying dragon from mod “terror of the dragons” by Gallas, can be downloaded from aok heavens.


■■■■ i really like their nest building
and the third dragon was my fav
Where can i download your lighning and dragon mods? Would love to use them in my current project

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this is the thread of the mod. MBA v1 June 17th updated

you can search it up in game and subscribe

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wow nice, so many things
I have a question, you say its UHD not supported, i will be still able to use the graphics with my mod while UHD on right?
Ill check it out

probably not. UHD will make the graphic very small because it uses different size graphic.

Oh i see, means me and other people who have UHD will see stuff differently
I will still test it out tho :smiley:
If you want, add me on steam: 82410871