Dravadian balance

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wootz give trample damage strongest in game even ahead of sword tusks. combined with post imp ele archers they have their cav castle to imp progression and can scout in feudal with treh upgrades cross applying over for retained compounded value. ele archer>xbow

What am I reading? Cant understand


Since Devs have given Bombard cannon and not Knights in 2 successive patches, we made the effort to redesign the civ without Knights.
Here is the link and Summary:

Dravidian Civilization bonuses
* [**CHANGE**] Receive 150 extra wood at the start of the game.
* [**CHANGE**] Farms have 2 times the food as regular farms. (2 x 175 food)
* Barracks technologies cost -50%.
* Skirmishers and Elephant Archers attack 25% faster.
* Team bonus: Docks provide +5 population space

Unique units

* Urumi Swordsman: Melee infantry armed with a long steel whip. They do charge attack.
                   During charge attack, they deal 1/2 splash damage to units 0.75 tiles near them.
                   [**CHANGE**] Higher DPS attack than Knights and slightly slower than Knights like shotel
                   [**CHANGE**] charge attack to 3 times normal attack instead of fixed number. 
                          This will help stack Urumi charge attack with blacksmith upgrades.
                   [**CHANGE**] Exchange Eagle attack bonus and Building attack bonus 
                          for cavalry and Siege attack bonus.
                   Full Stats: [Link](https://forums.ageofempires.com/t/dravidians-civ-bonuses-and-tech-tree-rework-without-knights/221824/28) 

* Thirisadai     : Warship that fires multiple projectiles

Unique technologies
Castle Age Unique tech   :  [**CHANGE**]  Strike Corps - Barrack technologies effect is doubled.
Imperial Age Unique tech :  Wootz Steel - Infantry and cavalry attacks ignore armor.

Tech Tree: [**CHANGE**]  *Dravidian Monks have access to redemption or fervour.*

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