Dravidian Jingle

I hate to say but the dravidian jingle is mundane and doesnt match with its civ, so I thought i would make one myself using some loops and here u go.

A request to the music composer, please create a track like this as the former one doesnt really represent the dravidian civ but the punjabis



Request to Dravidian full theme as well based on this jingle.

Also for Bengali jingle and full theme if you get some time. That one is also unmatching with its civ.

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Not only is the Dravidian theme mundane, it’s also not original in the slightest. I heard it in a Vsauce video from several years ago, and I overheard it playing in an Expedition Unknown episode that my parents were watching. It’s like the devs were lazy and didn’t bother coming up with an original theme. Very disappointed.

hey there fellow, thanks for replying yeah i will surely produce a jingle for dravidians but no luck on bengali one as im not bengali myself will do it once exposed to their music.

Yo I didnt make a theme but i found a song which should match

Nope it doesn’t match.

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and what’s ur reason for that,?? ever been to south india??

I’m pretty confused by this comment, and the thread generally. Does going to South India somehow confer on people knowledge of medieval South Indian music?

I mean, I’ve lived in Britain all my life and I honestly can’t tell you how accurate/inaccurate the Britons’ jingle is. Someone would really have to be an expert in medieval music to have any real idea which jingles were and weren’t appropriate. Even if you’re particularly into a certain region’s folk music, assuming that music is the same as it was 500+ years ago seems a huge stretch to me.

Right? I’m not just talking nonsense here, am I?


Just take one of the background scores or songs from Ponniyin Selvan, the recently released 10th century epic.

The song does not match with the jingle you shared. They sound completely different.

In south india does it sound similar? There is weed in South Indian air?

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To be fair, there are a lot of civ themes that aren’t historical at all

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I don’t think there are “a lot”.

None from the DLCs AFAIK.

well u should have been more concise with ur statements as it was open to more than 1 interpretation, if the jingle’s the problem its ok i will make a new one

Well the european ones are up to par but the african and asian ones except the east asians doesnt sound accurate at all

For sure man u solved my probs, also i dont want the dev to do the same but its ok for the modding section. Hopefully they will reconsider not making the same mistake for the future civs, out

Ok so ive reworked the theme by removing tht punjabi part and added some traditional drone

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Hey, this is pretty good. The start is a bit abrupt, but it is way better than what we have currently.

@BidGorgon527960, I have no idea what you are talking about. If you want older south Indian music, you have to resort to older versions of Carnatic and folk music. You won’t appreciate it, neither will most other westerners. That is fine, but don’t pretend you understand anything about it fits the civ when you clearly don’t.

The music OP posted is inspired by dappankuthu, which has been iconic of popular tamil music for a long time.

The music Dravidians have right now is a vague mix of north and south indian music played on what seems to be a veena followed by punjabi music. It has nothing to do with the civ.

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There you go

I made a mod out of your audio fixing the dravidian theme.

I appreciate your work brother but i cant seem to download it due to some error, do u have its zip version??