Dravidians should get Knight line

meta is one thing, but also adapting is a huge part of the game. You can do the “standard play” which is what you say, but if opponent does something offmeta, like say mass Celts Siege, you would be foolish to stay on Xbow and stay too long and follow your plan, best bet is to do probably small amount of Knights into Light Cav (to beat Monks who come together).

Agree. I was only disagreeing with you saying ‘Magyars never/rarely get bloodlines/husbandry/armor’.

If Dravidians get knights, which I’m not specficially against, then Gurjaras and Hindustanis MUST get them as well. I wouldn’t stand the inconsistency otherwise.


yeah probably Magyars want to get Bloodlines at some point. I am not exactly sure about when you get into CA, in general CA transition is considered one of the hardest transitions, it’s very important to get the timing right. Lots of issues such as many upgrades needed (Thumb Ring, Bloodlines etc.), but also CA are effective only once you get a certain mass, and furthermore they are also fairly expensive individually (40w 60g and you really notice that 40w how many more lumberjacks you need to develop eco and sustain production). Last but not least you need to hit Imp with a competitive time, and hit it in good shape so that you can afford a secondary meatshield unit (typically Hussar) and all the Imp upgrades.

I reckon generally Magyars try to play all-in ish in Castle age these days because playing the macro game and doing the transition into CA without dying can be very hard.