Dravidians - the only civ with no (good) raiding unit

So, there are innate military bonuses and power spikes. At high ELO, power spikes are pretty good, but outside that, innate bonuses are usually better. I’m also including faster creation times and discounts in the “innate” section. Every archer civ has at least one innate bonus. Britons get extra range, ethiopians fire faster, vietnamese have extra HP, etc.

In my opinion, a civ needs at least one innate military bonus to be part of a group. Now, you could argue that thirisadai is one. However, it kicks in far too late to be useful. The fish bonus will be the only one they have, and that is an eco tech. Water game snowballs far too hard for this to be useful over the long term.

Now, you can disagree and I respect it. But, I think that the team bonus should still be a water-based one.

It usually never is 100% the fault of just one civ. More like, the complete lack of options is frustrating. Most civs get at least the option of making knights/camels/steppes/monks/something else. With dravs, you have ONE option. If the opponent is familiar with the civ, that’s NO option.

There are so many inaccuracies in the game for one to be bothered by. Plumed archers never existed, for example.

You either care about history, or you don’t. If you are okay with older civs being historically inaccurate, you don’t actually care about history, and I cannot accept that argument from you.

This is not to say that the game should be historically inaccurate, only tha# ##### historically inaccurate" isn’t a good argument here.

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