Dravidians - the only civ with no (good) raiding unit

Neither of them are offered to their respective civs to compensate for the lack of mobility and they’re the only tech that strengthens those units, they don’t have a second UT to boost one or more units that are impacted by Silk armor or pavise. Medical corps is useless for elephants as we know. Including militia line is just a double or triple bonus on militia line - cheaper to upgrade, ignore armor and have some additional ability. Difficulty against mid game siege pushes, no ability to raid all those problems would continue to persist. Its a different thing if any of those bonuses you mentioned as secondary effect for medical corps becomes a civ bonus.

But it still needs castle. What I meant by building was something cheap - like 150 or 175 wood and maybe 50 stone to prevent from being spammed. It can give you mobility locally while still having limitations.


??? They don’t have any mobility issue. How is this relevant? Point is extra armor as a Castle Age UT is nothing new and as long as it costs wood, you will pick them way earlier than FU imperial. Even extra speed in Castle Age UT is not new. Look at Bohemians UT.

Because infantry (and elephant, scorpion - look at Bengalis multiple elephant bonus and Romans 1000 scorpion bonuses) is very different from archer, cavalry archer, cavalry, camel or eagle who just need one or two bonuses with almost FU upgrade to be top tier. Infantry can get way bigger bonus like Malians and can still be balanced.

Sounds good.

Edit: If they didn’t get the siege discount bonus, I’d propose militia line +10% speed per age. LS would have 1.08 tile/sec which is almost the same as Eagle Scout and THS, Champion would have 1.17 tile/sec which is slightly faster than Eagle Warrior. Now the carry capacity bonus of Fishman and Fishing Ship can be replaced by this.

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