Dromon for Mesoamerican Civs?

No Cannon Galleon:

Dromons available to:

Why mesoamericans and cumans are the only civs with no naval siege ability?


Maybe if someday an american dlc is released we will see a cannon galleon equivalent for those civs. But for cumans yeah, dromon would be a decent addition to their tech tree

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Dromon Is too specific to late antiquity Mediterranean civs. They should add a more generic catapult galley working like a trebuchet (while dromons remind me more of bombards) to give to Americans, cumans and all other civs not getting gunpowder across the world.


How is dromon specific for a time and place and trebuchet is not?

Is just a name. The only thing the unit needs is unique sail graphics, like every other ship, so it can become a regular unit line instead of a “regional” unit.


Sure but why not take the occasion to add another different unit, more in line with what those civs may have? Two wrongs don’t make a right.


I would say just give all 4 of them dromons, change the sails/make reskin to fit for mesoamericans.

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Maybe a bigger canoe with slingers lol

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But they didn’t have anything like that


Yeah the point is Aztecs didn’t use war galley neither but dromon is just a too specific regional unit, it would be like giving steppe lancers to idk African civs.
So why not adding something generic like war galley but anti building and ranged (Treb on water)?
Idk to me makes more sense and is more in line with aoe2 than Aztecs having dromons but to one each own I guess ahah.

They would lose all their units because they didn’t have sword, wheel, ballsta, trebs.

But galleys are specific regional units too! It’s specific to the mediterranean.
Galleons even more so.
Cogs are specific to the Northern and Baltic seas.
Fire ships are specific to one single civ.

Only fishing ships, transport ships, and demolition rafts are generic units.

That’s my point. A dromon is no more specific than any of those above. With a proper set of sails they could become a generic unit.

I don’t get why people are complaining about American civs getting Galleys, but remain silent when landlocked civs like Bohemians get even a dock.

At least Aztecs had some kind of naval tradition with their canoes.

You’re right. Still I’d argue for adding new units if possible, specially on water, which in this game is still quite poor, rather than sharing dubious ones.
But it wouldn’t be a tragedy either if every pre modern civ gets dromons. Just a preference.

In the future it would be cool to have meso civs more meso looking. As it is now I would add a catapult ship in castle so to have a siege unit on water before imp or something like that.

So what you do? You make them unable to build ships? What about Tibetans?

No, of course not. It’s just some double standards I find ridiculous. That’s all. Bohemians have a ridiculously strong navy considering they’re landlocked. Aztecs should have a better navy than them if it would be up to me.

You know sometimes people just never noticed it, it’s not that everybody in Europe is an evil conquistador with an hidden agenda to make Aztecs look poor. For example I never even thought about bohemians navy tbh. It’s not about double standards, it’s about what captures your interest or not.


Introducing: The Trebuchet Canoe
That should fix it

Landlocked countries can still have rivers and other bodies of water you know


Technically, demolition rafts weren’t thing. “Fire ships” were a thing, which weren’t really types of a ships, but smaller ships set on fire and set in the direction of bigger and more expensive enemy warship. They could be equipped with combustible materials like oils, and explosives, but ships themselves are usually combustible enough.

Purpose-built fireships did exist, but outside of the scope of AoE2.

As a Czech, I take this personally. We have 100% score in winning naval battles. And we didn’t even build a single ship to do so. Yes, we can win naval engagement even without having a navy. Imagine how the world would look like if we had one.

The only reason why you don’t speak Czech now is because Bohemia is landlocked. Not because our hypothetical navy is not ridiculously strong.


Like it would be something worth to be proud of…