Dromon for Mesoamerican Civs?

Don’t you know about the Mongolian Sea Pirates?

Here is an uncommon solution:

Mercenaries/Mercenary Building

Meaning Dont give ANY unit to civilizations that historically did not have them, however, allow them to Hire mercenaries from a Mercenary Building or as an added UU. (those mercenaries can be Cannon Galleon, Trebuche, Calvary Units or anything else that would help balance the civilization)

This would solve the historical relevance (partially) and most if not all civilizations hire mercenaries at one point or another.

Just give them the canoe and make it faster

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That may work against other navies if they are faster or cheap enough to mass produce, but would be useless against coastal defenses. I think that is the problem that they are having.

Naval goths lmao. To make it worst no gold cost.

they had obsidian swords, they already have trade cart without wheels, they had siege weapons especially the mayans are famous for their archer siege towers. instead of a wheel their siege weapons should be lifted like in AoE4 but we dont have that here (in this game)


Source? I’ve never heard of this. But I also wouldn’t be surprised, as primitive peoples are hardly as primitive as they’re made out to be.