DROPPED out again

OK, guys , so it sucks… After 20 min in a rated 3v3 right when I was about to win it ith my teammates… No lag before that, no nothing… No 200/200 for anyone. It just dropped me without even freezing first ! It just went to my desktop “automatically”. I was not even doing something that might be seen as “heavy” for the PC. I am so sad this happens, like at least once in 20 games. But usually it freezes first. This was a new type of drop.
Has anyone seen this??
Version is IDK which one, the latest one available
12/ 03 / 2020

@dare49devil came up with this, just give it a try.

“POTENTIAL FIX: in options, change display mode from full screen to full desktop. I have had no more of this particular crash or any other crashes since I did this, before it was crashing 50% of the time, either with this error or no error. NOTE: The game will automatically change it back when you exit, so you must set it each time you launch AOE.”