Drummers and flag bearers

These units are already in the scenario editor. What about making a few cards/techs that enable them as buff units? (e.g. drummers give a slight speed buff and flag bearers give a slight attack buff, unstackable, numbers can be limited)
As there are already a lot of even weirder buff units in the game, it would not be very out-of-place.

BTW, battleship cards plz.


If someday the devs include Austria and Prussia, I would like they add drummers and flag bearers for them (it’s just a suggestion, I don’t want to start a fire/fight with this topic)


This is already implemented, only in the abstract. The Advanced Arsenal upgrade enables it, though it could be a nice unit to watch.
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there is way too much chance of such an addition wrecking the balance of the game, so for that alone i have to say no.

dont worry, that wont happen.