Homage to AC/DC. Just for fun, before i get into the nitty-gritty.

OK . . . here it goes . . . Get insight from the community. Get insight from the streams and casts. Get insight from the pros. Well hell, just get some insight . . .

Your in-house team is a small data pool. No dis or bad words or nothing. Maybe your resources are limited.
I get it. Maybe you’re data is misinterpreted. Once again, maybe your resources are limited .You telemetry is off base. It can happen. BUT MY RESOURCES AND MONEY ARE LIMITED TOO!!! AND YOU STILL TOOK IT!!! I don’t know what else to say as bugs, Mongols, English, French, and imbalance run rampant. You want forgiveness??? I will forgive you when you give my money back for this lack of substance.

For all those who say, “be patient:” They should have patiently waited for a completed game and my money. They should patiently await their paychecks. Why do I have to be patient when they collected my money impatiently.

You get what you give. Give me my money back.

They didnt collect your money impatiently, you willingly gave your money to them for a product that had just came out.


An incomplete product, as it is worse now than it was at release. Lemon Law:

The lemon law originated in 1984, when the United States government created a means to protect consumer rights against auto manufacturer and dealer fraud, via the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, commonly known as the “lemon law.” Now governed by the state, lemon law refers to the individual state laws instituted to protect the rights of consumers everywhere regarding automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and other products, that continue to have significantly impairing malfunctions after multiple attempts to repair the problem.

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Check out a top ranking Delhi player defeat another top ranking Mongol player. Might give all Delhi fans some ideas on how to play and win despite all these bugs.

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Heya tahska,

Hope all is well.

I appreciate the insight. And I love how you play devil’s advocate and try to share what you have found. Makes me rethink my foundations, which is much appreciated. Trying to find the good in the bad is a great mentality, and something I am striving to do. But this is a rare gem and not the norm imho. Plus map and spawn, imo, have a little bit to play in this.

EIther way, I am gracious for the insight and knowledge you and the casters bring forth. Thanks for the link and the knowledge.

I still think it is a very uphill battle, and this is not an indicator of balance .


Hey! Here’s how to fight a guy with a pistol with a butter knife!

Just watch this one guy do it once and go have fun with your butter knife!


Yes please why are you not having fun. I explicitly requested it.

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Devs: that’s an op butter knife you got there. It needs a nerf. Next patch delhi gets butter knives made out of plastic.


devs next week: we have seen some of the streams where delhi players are only using plastic butter knives. we have listened to your feedback and have decided to buff delhi. plastic butter knives will now be replaced with john wicks pencil. this will put delhi at par with other civs as we have seen what john wick can do with this pencil