Dutch musket


As a treay player i would love for us to be able to use the new dutch musketer, maybe allow them to be upgrade at the fort? so we all can enjoy the unit


Agreed. Missing the imperial upgrade hurts their late game viability. I hope the devs change it.

Such a cool looking unit but loses its usefulness in Age V.


Tbh is prefer this thing to be locked to age4 and get upgrades
Age3 musk given to dutch who are at the powerpsike in age3 usually is probably too much
Whereas treaty or ffa in age5 musk is not op
Beat of both worlds imho


So as you said it seems good to me, that the improvement in the fort is investigated and it is not automatic when you age, We already know perfectly well that the automatic improvements with the age pass are usually broken in Supremacy games, but there they would have to improve the interface

Dutch dont need more buffs, where is the diversity if everyone gets a complete roster??

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I don’t think musk will be much at all helpful for Dutch age 3.

If you take the Highlander from the barracks and keep the Blue Guard in the Fort, it’s not exactly a “complete roster”. But I actually don’t want it to be a simple age 5 upgrade–but I rather wish it could be something cool with were one or two of the revolts had cards that gave the unique attributes.

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I’m just confused, why don’t the devs just use the consulate Blue Guards in this new card and the church card?

Honestly, I think if church cards provide regular units that cannot be availabe by default, then those units should be consulate units.


im talking for treaty games