Dutch What If

If Dutch instead had their mine gathering buff increased to 30%, villager cost decreased to 80g, started with 100 extra food and gained 5 Skirmisher/5 highlander cards age 2, and had 9 bank capacity/60 villagers baseline instead of locked behind cards.

but lost bank wagon and colonial militia card as well as a 100 coin crate, and banks had their costs increased to 800 food/100 wood and hp decreased to 2500 hp.

nerf early boom/turtle potential and crank their early aggression factor all the way up, creating a pressure/timing focused playstyle that is very map control based.

instead of staying in base, they will be forced to move around rapidly depleting mines to keep up production of units, as well as securing fresh hunts to establish banks.

wouldn’t that be a huge playstyle improvement of what they are currently?

I personally think there are different civs for different playstyles, and Dutch is supposed to be Turtle mainly, for other playstyles there´s other civs, civs like German do what you say, that depletes the mines and need a lot of coin. Besides, if you remove the turtling ability from Dutch, although there´s more civs with turtling, Dutch is like the best in it, or at least in a very substancial way, and i think for early agression there are other civs, and after all, i think is a very drastic change, you would be taking away from Dutch its whole identity, or a very relevant part of it, people already like Dutch, so changing them, one of the first and oldest civs of the original game, would be too risky and i think to a certain point, unjustified, but that´s just my opinion.


Dutch could be played aggressive in vanilla, they had to be able to to survive without things like bank wagons. if you play against Dutch 1v1 in a mirror or as Russians or Ottomans it was not uncommon for them to either pike rush you or hit you with 5 skirms/3 hussars at 5 minutes with pikes following soon after.

buffing and bringing that aggressive breakneck playstyle back into meta rather than safely turtling while you boom would make the game more exciting.

a Dutch player should feel empowered to take the initiative and dictate the pace of the game from the very start rather than accept anything that comes their way.

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