E3 2017 Fact Sheet Confirmation - Pricing and Achievements

A special thank you to NiceKING for sharing the Xbox Wire link to the E3 2017 announcement for AoE:DE.

Included with all of the Xbox Wire media assets is a fact sheet document which shows that the Standard Edition of the game will be 19.99 USD (actual retail prices may vary) and the game will have Xbox LIVE achievements. This is confirmation based on our previous assumptions.

An interesting tidbit, “The franchise has generated over $1 billion in retail sales.”

Although a Collector’s Edition or Anniversary Edition is not shown on the fact sheet, there is still a possibility that it will be announced at Gamescom 2017 or later when the official release date is announced.

Shame that site is seems to be under heavy traffic.

Retail prices? Are they going to also be selling physical copies of this in stores? Interesting if so.
$20 seems a pretty reasonable price I think, although I hope the Australian price is actually equivalent to that, and not like $50 or something stupid.

I wonder what sort of sales this will be seeing? For the other games, being on Steam, you can get it for much cheaper prices if you just wait for the Christmas or some other holiday. I hope this sees the same effect.

The fact sheet document doesn’t load. Maybe the website is dealing with heavy traffic.

Can you post the image @rhrmn ? :slight_smile:

EDIT: nevermind, got it:

They’re throwing away 50% of their sales by not being on steam. But this isn’t about sales, it’s about driving people to Win10 and the Windows store.

$20.00 sounds about right. Shame it’s not on steam though, although if done that way the title will probably cost around $30.00 thereabouts.

^ factoring in steam’s huge cut

I would happily pay more to own it through steam - but Cagier is right, the game is hostage to MS push to build their own platform.

Wow, nice find!

I would just like a source good enough to convince me! But it is quite possible that it is the same price, which we had already imagined to buy from the other remasters

The e-mail address is for Assembly Inc. They negotiate and monitor Chinese factories, as a liaison to US companies.

Why would a business in physical goods be involved with AOE DE?