E3 AOE Definitive Edition Black T-Shirt with Golden Lettering

When, Where, and how much?

I would purchase 2 of these, and a third if I could get different color options for the shirt & text respectively.

I don’t think they are for sale… but I bet you might stand a chance of finding them at some game convention somewhere? Sorry, it’s not much, but it’s the best suggestion I got. Best of luck to ya!
BTW: the T-Shirt is Navy Blue, not Black

I’m sure they will have another giveaway for this AoE:DE t-shirt.

I really hope that the July Wololo Wednesday will have this as a prize. But that will mean that I’ll have to lose this month’s contest so that I can join the next one… Aah, nevermind. As long as I can get the t-shirt…