E3 dissapointment

I thought we will get to see first look of age IV

i wasted my whole time to watch the livestream :frowning:
but Im happy for AoE 2: DE on steam


mee too, but i think they will first release aoe 3 DE before they really begin working on aoe 4, evertything they learn from making DE versions and the feedback of the players, they will put that in aoe 4 ( i hope)


There’s still a chance at the PC Gaming thing today, i think. But i doubt it! Finguers crossed!!

isn’t same studio. so…

o? well than i dont know, maybe they want first to release the DE versions?

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I feel the dissapointment…AOE 4 is probably not even an alpha game yet :frowning:

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The Definitive Editions are made by Forgotten Empires, Age4 by Relic. Pretty sure two studios on two different projects can work in parallel.

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There is hope that they show something at GamesCom, where the annoucenment also was. Geoff Keighley is producing a pre-show, so expect lots of annoucements.


Im just happy to get AOE2 DE


Let’s hope for some news at GamesCom.

Yes,I think so.They should learn all the experience from Aoe1 to Aoe3 then begin the work of Aoe4.

  • Age of Empires 4 is ‘making good progress’, and Microsoft will talk about it later this year

  • “We’ve been incredibly impressed by Relic’s capability,” says Xbox’s Phil Spencer.

  • We’ll talk about it more this year," Spencer says.