E3 dissapointment

I thought we will get to see first look of age IV

i wasted my whole time to watch the livestream :frowning:
but Im happy for AoE 2: DE on steam


mee too, but i think they will first release aoe 3 DE before they really begin working on aoe 4, evertything they learn from making DE versions and the feedback of the players, they will put that in aoe 4 ( i hope)


There’s still a chance at the PC Gaming thing today, i think. But i doubt it! Finguers crossed!!

isn’t same studio. so…

o? well than i dont know, maybe they want first to release the DE versions?

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I feel the dissapointment…AOE 4 is probably not even an alpha game yet :frowning:

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The Definitive Editions are made by Forgotten Empires, Age4 by Relic. Pretty sure two studios on two different projects can work in parallel.

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There is hope that they show something at GamesCom, where the annoucenment also was. Geoff Keighley is producing a pre-show, so expect lots of annoucements.


Im just happy to get AOE2 DE


Let’s hope for some news at GamesCom.

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Yes,I think so.They should learn all the experience from Aoe1 to Aoe3 then begin the work of Aoe4.

  • Age of Empires 4 is ‘making good progress’, and Microsoft will talk about it later this year

  • “We’ve been incredibly impressed by Relic’s capability,” says Xbox’s Phil Spencer.

  • We’ll talk about it more this year," Spencer says.