E3 Is coming. Which are Your hopes?


As title explains, Which are Your hopes?


Like the rumor, I hope during the Xbox E3 show there’s new trailer for AoE IV showing gameplay with a seasonal release window announcement. It may be still too early for demo machines.

I feel we’ll likely hear more about AoE II: DE, maybe even a release window.


I am waiting for announcement of Age2DE release date, a time window and maybe some more info for Age IV.
I wish for information related to AoM 2 but i don’t think that this is a realistic wish !


I want to see shots of AOE 2 DE. A release date would be great too, but at this point, just a peak would make me happy too.

AOE 4 would be…nice, but I’m personally waaaaay more keen on AOE 2 DE.


I also hope to finally see some screenshots and/or information about AOE 2 DE :slight_smile:

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My list of games to see at E3

  • Age of Empires IV
  • Age of Empires II Definitive Edition
  • Age of Mythology II
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A First trailer would be enough. At least we’ll know something about setting


the truth… none. any hope.


Something about AoE3DE :heart_eyes:

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There won’t be anything relating to AoE IV.

Or next year.


You might want to look at this


Prepare to be disappointed.