Eagle warriors should not benefit from arson

still waiting for you to explain why after 20 years we should change the entire direction of game design.


Thine deities, have abandoned thou.

these gods would dictate that logically and reasonably, a definitive edition of age of empires 2 should try to be age of empires 2. if it was called age of empires 2 definitive edition and didn’t play like age of empires 2 it would be akin to false advertising.


Eagles have 9 base attack, and cost 70 res, of which 50 gold. Arson bumps their anti-building attack to 11. Persian longswords cost 65 ressources of which 20 gold only, have the same base attack, but on top of that have an innate +3 bonus against buildings. It means they deal more damage against buildings than eagles do without even needing arson. So it sounds pretty safe to meto say that eagle damage isn’t that good against buildings.


My solution

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Congrats, you just buffed every boom civ and nerfed every agro civ


who would win, some ignoring armor pointy bois or a single mangonel.

That mangonel will take ages to take down a tc. Meanwhile the boom civ can crank out a few knights, clean up, and go back to boom.

And if im lithuanians I can outrange your mangonel by researching a tech

It will die to vills so not really a threat. It means that to assault a TC you would need a full meatshield+siege army which is ridiculous.

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And would take 3 minutes to kill a tc on its own anyway

Could you imagine lithuanians tc?

Why is it ridiculous that you need to protect your siege?

By the time you research that tech, you have tebuchet and bombards on field.

It isn’t ridiculous to protect your siege, but needing a full strength army to kill a TC is.

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The idea of needing a full army to take down a tc is absurd.

The tech requires castle age and a castle. If you have trebs by then i am failing in my booming

Why would needing a full army comp instead of just spamming eagles to destroy your tc, the main and most important building, be ridiculous? It also only means protecting your mangonel which you should already do.

I mean that currently, if you use that tech i have a big advantage over you in terms of food and specially gold so you don’t tech into that. It is a rare tech but if the tc firing unique arrows will be approved, it would mean it would be used more. The cost can be increased so it would potentially mean for you to remain in castle age going full castle push and let enemy advance or not tech as usual.
Because you remain in castle age, the fact that your tc fires a longer distance would be balanced out.

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Because you shouldn’t need an entire army to siege a town center. You’ve literally never needed it before, why change it?

It costs less then 4 knights. Why would the cost be increased?

It’s a freakin’ dark age building! And anyway, protecting your eco is also something you should do right?

The ability to cover so much more of your base is really good so I don’t see it being rare.

He doesn’t want it more expensive, he said that it slows you down (which is not really the case)

Because it is the most important building?

Because as you said, it could be seen as too powerful if they were to fire true damage shots with 9 range. 4 knights isn’t nothing in castle age. It is the difference between able to clean massed archer or not (hint difference). So it isn’t a viable tech to go into as for now.