Eagles need a small nerf

I wrote a topic long time ago, about how this unit is sick, a unit that is very tanky, trash cost and 4in1 at the same time! Many people start to say no they fine and meso civs don’t have stables and bla bla bla… but this doesn’t mean it is right to keep Eagles as they are! A deadly unit like Eagles cost only 20food and 50 gold is not balanced at all; Gold is fine, but 20 food cost no it is not! This sick unit can be massed easy and at the same time keep producing vills so smoothly without any problem which is not something balanced at all even if it was in the game 20 years ago! This unit of course can’t be stopped except with mass knights or longswords (castle age time), which will be not fair at all to deal with, a knight cost 60 food and 75 gold or a longsword cost 60f and 20g is not easy to mass to catch up with Eagles and keep making vills at same time, and of course it so easy to enemy to shift to pikes if he saw you make knights, actually even Eagles can outnumber knights so easy with their stupid cheap cost and kill knights too, and with their sick speed and 3 Pa they can ez dive under your TC and kill vills here and there and keep your vills idles, so i really think that this stupid unit need a nerf for only 1 thing which it is:


Yeah just this

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i think a lot of people are simply going to say eagles are fine

but i agree, the counter to eagles , the militia line is very suboptimal, and a lot of civs have very bad militia line - tatars, persians the main culprits, and the militia line is itself countered fairly easily by xbows, which again dont slow down aging, so its quite possible to simply heavily spam gold and wood (both very quick to harvest) with minimal food, or for incas to train the really cool slinger.

while the counter requires a sack ton of food and is generally hot garbage, especially without supplies (burgundy,tatars etc) or being a dead line (persians)

while if the opponent goes kts, then its incredibly easy to mix pikes with eagles, and in the case of mayans, their eagle even counters cavaliers…

while eagles hard counter monks, siege and archers and soft counters trash, i dont think there’s any generic unit that counters so many different lines

but i highly doubt anything will be done about this… mesos have been dominant for too long for people to accept that they should change…

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I would prefer a buff for LS as an indirect nerf but not a direct nerf.


Eagles are fine, just el dorado is op.

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LS and militia line is fine maybe just need a little food discount like from 60 to 55 and with supplies it will become 40 food. But this Eagle unit is not balanced at all.

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Their food cost is a trash and you always say “no” so no news with you

Yeah bro they need a change and people must accept it

It’s like the 20th thread from you, wanting to change balance in things which are completely balanced.
Is it every time you lose a game you are outplayed you just can’t accept that the enemy just had the better strategy? Can’t you accept that there is this concept in the game that some strategies just counter others? It’s the design of the game. And standard eagles are abolutely balanced.


Yeah and seems all the things in game are balanced and the game is fine, how old are you? 60?

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A direct nerf to eagle will definitely hurt the overall strength of mesoamerican civs. Meso depend on eagles very much. For civs that have weak cavalry, they usually have fast infantry for compensation to deal with archers and siege. (e.g. eagle warriors, shotel warrior, Karambit warrior, Woad raiders) If you nerf eagles directly, Meso may struggle a lot when facing archer civs or siege civs.

And why do you think make the food 35 is that much?! Meso cive already S/A tier civs and they will be more than fine

Longswordsmen are trash, Supplies and LS upgrade are too expensive and LS are too slow to kill Eagles.


Exactly, this is why i laugh every time that i heard someone talk about Militia line counter Eagles 11

MAybe you should consider it. There are situations where you definitely need to make them vs eagles.
You also don’t laugh about pikes vs knights, do you?
Usually I also prefer just staying with knights vs the eagles, but there are situations where you just need to go militia line.

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Yeah especially pikes are fast like eagles and have 3 Pa 11

Meso civs can ez mix pikes with Eagles, knights will be useless

And what unit counters both?


Nohting except mass scorps, yeah you will say Militia line, and again this is all what my topic about. Making units with 60 food cost is not like making deadly tanky raid units with 20 food

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It’s so suboptimal that even something as weak as a Khmer two handed sword can destroy el dorado eagles ez.

So camels don’t work cuz “the knight player can just add pikes” but then longsword don’t work cuz food cost. Sounds about right.

Longswords aren’t useless against most units like pikemen are.

Mandatory “y’all stuck in the past” rant


It is a big increase in percentage change. 75% food cost increase. Food is often the limiting resource in Castle age. Mesos will need to mass Eagles when facing xbow meta in castle age. They may struggle to mass up EA while booming villager.

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