Early game Militia line rewordk

Change the cost of the militia line to 45F 35G however researching supplies reduce gold instead of food. Food is more valuable than gold in the early game so this would make M@A easier to afford.

Unfortunately this creates a problems in Darkage unless you are willing to mine gold the long way 3+ militia drushes are no longer viable if you don’t also build an early mining camp. 2 militia drushes are still viable you just need to send a villagers on two trips to gold but you also save 30F. This will also effect the late game of civs which lack supplies like Goths, Incas, and Romans.

im pretty sure why 2 militia became popular over 3 is because u dont need to mine the extra gold.

yeah and this sounds like a bad thing, a bit extra food on champ line late game isnt good but its doable to use for your civ if u have no supplies. But if it was 35 gold, civs with no supplies just cant justify going champs a lot more.

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I support the idea of reduce militia-line food cost. But I would accompany that with a Champion buff and re-balancing of its availability in civs.

I’m actually fully okay with how this effects these civs. For Goths the gold timer is not really an issue they have more than enough time to kill their opponent before they run out of gold I don’t think I’ve seen a Goths Trashwar. Incas I’m fine with this nerf. Romans FU Longswords get 13atk, 5/5, and with a nearby Centurion +10% movement speed and +25% attack speed. In imperial age they get 20ATK, 6/6, with the UT +5 charge damage, 50 faster creation time, and with elite Centurion bonus is incrased to 15% and 33%.