Early Lancer not available for Mongols

A unit called “Early Lancer” appears to be a civilization bonus for Mongols in the Feudal Age, but it is nowhere to be found during the game, nor is it in the tech tree.

“Early Horsemen in the Dark Age (I) and Early Lancers in the Feudal Age (II).”


Hey there, would you be able to tell me where in-game you’re seeing that exact string of text about early horsemen?

In the tech tree. LEARN → MONGOLS very prominently in their civ description

Recently I was playing with Mongols and can’t make Lancers, only Horsemen. It’s very bad, back in Beta, Mongols was able to create Lancers and have a nice rush, now the rush is very incosistent without a tanky knight

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I’m guessing this change was a balance decision and the tech tree just didn’t get edited before launch.


hey, here is a screen of that string :

As others pointed out, this can be found in the tech tree of the mongol civ.


yeah thats probably it , similar thing happened with the prelates buff (changed from 5 ARM down to 1, but in game still says 5 if you mouse over it)

Thanks for the additional information. Our team is looking into this.