Earn rewards for previous tiers in addition to tier ended in

Devs for next season can we get all rewards for tier finished in and below. So for example if someone finished diamond, they would get bronze, silver, gold, plat, and diamond rewards. Not just diamond.

Frankly only getting rewards for the tier ended in makes no sense. Sure some people might complain about portrait/monument clutter but thats a small issue. Now some people may reach a certain rank, say gold for example, and then stop playing at gold because they like the look of the gold rewards and don’t want to climb higher.

We need to change dumb things like this that may motivate people to stop playing.

When an athlete comes first and wins gold do they get all three medals or just the gold medal.


I think they might just get gold but I too would like all the previous rewards. The platinum icon hits better.

This isn’t about realism, it’s a game

I paid 99 dollars for this game guess what I got in exchange?
The same game as you all and didly squat.

Point being don’t expect it.

You don’t know what other people paid. Besides, AoE 4 is not a game where money buys you privilege. You can go to EA for that.

You obviously don’t know the bundles they were selling and how hard is it to know what other people paid?

I have followed the price drop and now even 25percent off? is it some trade secret? you did some secret deal with Riot for your copy? talk about being completely off the mark.

My point was the bundles they had made it seem like they had worthwhile things in them but they were just garbage, so don’t expect anything from them. But you know that don’t you cuz you ‘in’ the know.