Easier Difficulty for Campaigns

Well it does help in this point cause u dont have to focus that much on your economy.

I’m surprised that the easiest mode can be too hard for some players but i never said anything against an “easier” mode. Like you said it doesn’t affect me so it wouldn’t bother me, if they would do that.

I was just trying to give some help(maybe you didn’t know cheats exist for example), because i don’t think that even if they implement such a thing it will be in the near future.

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saladin is also 2 swords, but yeah, they upped the complexity and difficulty in the newer campaigns. I think it’s also because the scenario editor allows for more interactions and we are no longer limited by 75 pop games

Oh you are right.

Well it felt like one of the tougher one to be fair. I have to say tho that i sometimes disagree with the ranking of the campaigns but i guess overall its pretty fine.

I mean when i was a kid every campaign felt kinda hard…then i played them again when de came out and was surprised how easy they were :smiley: but i guess one of the reasons is, that i started to play mutliplayer and improved a lot because of that.

For those who are looking for an easier difficulty setting for the campaigns, you could always play it on the Xbox One/Series S and X if you have it, They added “Story” difficulty for the Campaigns in that version, I wish they would’ve done that for the PC version too.

Just to put it into perspective Saladin mission 6 is widely known to be next to impossible for most people in the original and HD editions even on the lowest difficulty setting, but when I played it on Xbox on “Story” difficulty I hardly took any damage at all from enemy attacks I might’ve lost a tower or two and maybe a castle but that’s about it.