Easily unlock all Xbox Celebration Challenges

Find the Mod at: Mods Single - Age of Empires

Or search the mod browser for “Xbox Celebration Challenges EZ Unlock”

This Mod is intended to make it extremely easy to pass the Event Challenges.

Disclaimer: If you find that this takes the fun out of everything, this Mod is not for you.

For each event, open a skirmish vs one AI, Infinite resources, All Visible, pick the appropriate Civ, and the starting Age required(if any).

After each challenge is completed, resign from game, and load it again when the next challenge becomes available.

  1. Think Tank - Research 10 University Techs (Might have to do this twice, start in Imperial Age)

  2. The Teutonic Steamroller - Destroy 1 Town Center with only Teutonic Knights

  3. Join Us! - Convert any 10 Units (Recommend starting in Post Imperial)

  4. Wall of Spears - Create 360 Spear-Line Units (Recommend Goths, Post-Imp)

  5. That’s no siege tower. It’s a fridge! (Start in Post-Imp)

We are at discord.gg/ageofmods

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Honestly, this are some of the worst rewards yet, seriously, why do the devs include stuff like this instead of actual cool useful stuff like regional skins or different unique unit upgrades, hell, even just include optional skins that don’t break immersion, I still use the best one of these, the Black Knight skin, it just makes the armor of the Knight black and it’s pretty cool, I wish more were like this one

(Not directly at you OP, thank you for making the map, just making a related comment)

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I prefer to pass the challenges in multiplayer so I play a little more in multiplayer and then I go to play campaigns…