East Asian DLC

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On reddit? It coudl be there.

Saw it. Its this type of house but very large like a wonder. I think it is a user made graphic not something official unfortunately…

I don’t think it’s a leak, it looked like a modded AoE4 building (Chinese village) in AoE2DE.

Yes, the original Name of the thread was also aoe4 Village in aoe2

if its a mod then why is the post deleted?

No clue honestly…Maybe moderators’ mistake

OP asked for it to be deleted.

No Idea why or what the purpose of the thread was in the first place

Chinese Village in AoE4?

I still find it strange that the OP who posted the pic has asked for it to be deleted.

That looks modded
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Definitely modded.

Very nice-looking building, though.

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What is that building suppose to be?

Ingame it looks like a Wonder. IRL it looks like one linked earlier, a Fujian tulou.

Did you guys see those Roosters roaming around on the Farms?

It’s a mod made by a friend of mine. Nothing special, graphic just found on the net, without destruction animation. My friend doesn’t want that be shown on the forum. So I asked for deletion.

And hope this post can be deleted some time later. Thank you.

Ok am deleting the post.

Do tell your friend he really did a great job creating this. Kudos to him. :clap:

Thank you so much. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The creator asked for it.