Eastern Roman Empire

I would like to see Eastern Roman Empire since it’s fought the caliphate in real life. I hope to see it with a DLC

ps venice too please? :smiley:


Venice would be a wasted slot given how few civs the game will have. On top of that, they could easily be represented with the Byzantines - they were technically a Byzantine vassal until the Fourth Crusade.


I would also like to see the Romans in the game. DCL

what are you talking about Venice was never a vassal of Eastern Roman Empire lol
And why its wasted? Venice played a huge role from the dark ages to 1800’s it deserve to be in game


I suggest you brush up on your Venetian history.

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I suggest you to stop with that misinformation since im from Venice and you have no clue what you are talking about i suggest you to open some book. Telling me to learn my city history.
You are funny and ignorant about the history of Venice its the first time im hearing Venice was a vassal state of Eastern Roman Empire.


Haha, I think that post more or less speaks for itself. Anyone is free to google this topic.

Show me proof or some source then not from wiki of course.
ps funny how you telling other to google it while not providing any source about your ignorant statement.

Please list that “huge role” what makes it more worthy than say, Khmer, Malians, Ethiopians, HRE, Japan, ect



Venice played a major role in reopening the Mediterranean economy to West European commerce and developing links with Northern Europe. It created an institutional basis for commercial capitalism, made major progress in shipping technology, and helped transfer Asian and Egyptian technology in cane sugar production and processing, silk textiles, glassblowing and jewellery to the West.

Do you read? Leading role in commercial activity making it a powerhouse in the medieval time.

The Venetian state played a leading role in commercial activity, being the major shipbuilder, leasing state–owned galleys to private enterprise, arranging the organisation and timing of convoys. It developed types of ship suitable for Venetian commerce and the conditions of trade in the Mediterranean. This state activity reduced costs for private traders by making commerce more secure from enemy attack. It also permitted smaller traders, with limited capital, to participate in international trade.

ps for the guy telling that Venice was a vassal state:

Venice was the most successful of the North Italian city states in creating and maintaining a republic dominated by a merchant capitalist elite. Thanks to its geographic position and willingness to defend itself, it was able to guarantee its autonomy and freedom from exactions by feudal landlords and monarchs.

Venetian diplomacy was highly professional, pragmatic, opportunistic and dedicated to the pursuit of its commercial interests. It adjusted amazingly well to political changes. In the ninth and tenth centuries its main commerce was to provision Constantinople with grain and wine from Italy, wood and slaves from Dalmatia and salt from its lagoons, taking silk and spices in return. Towards the end of the eleventh century, Byzantium was under pressure from the Seljuk Turks who seized Anatolia, and Frankish incursions into its Southern Italian territories. Venice secured commercial privileges (exemption from excise taxes) from Byzantium in 1082 in return for help in bolstering its naval defences. In 1204, by contrast, it played a major role in persuading the leaders of the fourth crusade to target Constantinople instead of Islam. As a result Venice acquired bases in Dalmatia and an empire in the Aegean. It took the southern half of the Peloponnese, Corfu and Crete. It occupied nearly half of Constantinople and gained access to trade in the Black Sea and Sea of Azov. In 1261, the Byzantine Emperor recaptured Constantinople and gave trade preferences and a territorial base to Venice’s rival, Genoa. However, Venice retained its Greek colonies and Venetian shipping was soon able to re–enter the Black Sea where trade was booming due to the Mongol reopening of the silk route through Central Asia.


Sounds like a civ for AoE2 not Aoe4. More important civs to add.


Nope it played a role in every era starting from the dark ages so it deserve to be here more than the vikings and Japan.
I dont see any mentions about any Pre Samurai era on the world stage for japan until the Sengoku Jidai.
tell me how the vikings played a role in the world stage lol except invading brittons lands.

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Adding the Byzantines would be a great idea and then just like the Chinese you can pick between the west side (More roman) & the East side (Greek side) of the Byzantine empire.

Both having their unique units & tactics and you can easily use certain skills for example “Greek fire” from the 2nd game only to be usable for the Greek Byzantines and vice versa. Historically the Byzantines saw themselves as both Romans & Greeks, speaking greek and taking on the hellenic culture as well.


I know this trend from AoE2 is probably already broken by having the Delhi Sultanate, but I think having a civ like Venice would tilt way too much towards representing political institutions over groups of people.

i don’t understand thats just 1 excuse because of that we dont represent any Italian civilization?
While the Republic of Venice the main objective was trading there is no political issue anyway i call it racist towards italian people.

Venice had this Nuovo Arsenale (New Arsenal) which nobody in the world had something like this

The Republic of Venice was a leading maritime power for many centuries. The Venetian Arsenale built galleys for the state from the beginning of the C14. It was probably the largest and most efficient industrial enterprise in Europe with a nearby workforce, workshops including a public bakehouse for the biscotti, the main component of the diet of the galleymen, and the Tana or ropewalk. However, when Venice fell to Napoleon in 1797 it was in decline. In 2006 the NDS Symposium explored Venetian influences on British seapower and the design of ships and dockyards in the C16 and C17. Lady Frances Clarke described the Armstrong Mitchell Crane no. 2919, built in Newcastle-on-Tyne, reported in Dockyards, 12(1), 11-12 (March 2007). The Symposium papers were published in Ray Riley, ed., Transactions of the Naval Dockyards Society, 5, Venice & Malta (2009).

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How about just having Italians instead of Venice specifically?

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We can do like the Chinese Dinasties so we can represent almost all italian people.

Italian Civilization:
Republic of Venice, Republic of Genova, Republic of Ragusa and Republic of Ancona.

i guess like this should be good


In Age2 they have started heading smaller and smaller for civ groups. Age 4 will not do the same, that is why it would be better to have them be in Age2 not Age4.

Italians are an umbrella, if we ever get to that point(I doubt they will have as many civs as Age2 does)then that would be totally fine but I don’t think Italians are a major civ to add t oAge4

ehm no why? because there is already italian civilization and its mispresented. Why should be a minor faction when it was a leading maritime power for centuries while the confirmed faction “delphi sultanate” is viewed as iconoclastic pillagers, best known for their indiscriminate destruction of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain temples and at every military expedition massacred people and erased cities from the maps, really? we put this discriminatory and racist Empire lol
Love how people can be incoherent sometimes im not talking about you.

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Most of Northern Italy could be represented by the Holy Roman Empire. This game has less civs, so I can’t see a reason to include a city-state like venice. I know how influential venice was, but I can’t see the argument to include the civ before Khmer, Mali, Japan, etc