Easy AI is a joke

I wanted to play a relatively slow game and chosen easy AI.

They are attacking in the early game with small groups and press onto you. But after age 3, even the money is abundant it only produces 15-20 military units. And so playing is pointless.

It’s only there so you can practice build orders and such.

“Easy AI” means Not Challenging AI


easy ai is too easy? mabe try a higher ai?


I tried Medium ai and almost same thing happened. It pushed very hard in the beginning but after a while it stops to produce reasonable number of soldiers. We are in imperial age both but it has only 25 soldiers. Really this game has potential but it is wasted.

What you need is the old hardest AI, which I believe they are planning to bring back. It’s still quite easy to outpace it, so you have to move on to playing against humans if you can easily beat it, but it was considerably more challenging than the easier levels.

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Go medium difficulty then.

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if you’re going to practice your build, just play against no opponents. i test my build and then play real games.

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I played the AoE 4 campaigns in intermediate difficulty and within everything is an acceptable AI to play, you can defeat it, but do not relax much, or but at the time you can pass over…

In fact, I think there is already a MOD to return an approximate of the old HARDEST AI, I published it in another topic, but it is better that more people know about it. Here some of them:

  • Hardest AI 40% resource rate”. I’ve tried many plays and it’s fine, it’s fun, similar to the oldest Hardest AI and is’not an AI cheater that spawns 30 knights at 10 minutes, which even the Conqueror Top wouldn’t be able to do because they don’t Don’t use cheats. You need to play against the hardest IA player, activate the Mod and play. It was rated 4 stars the last time I visited the Mod.

  • Hardest AI 50% resource rate”. I haven’t tried it yet but I guess it should work the same. I guess it’s the hardest old AI, considering it cuts the double resource bonus in half.

  • Original AI Hardest - No Resource Bonus”. I have tried this and really, is the old hardest as we love. We can still trying the 30% or 40% resource bonus if you want to yawn it a bit.

In the future I will post screenshots of the specific Mod, I can’t now because my electricity was cut off (not due to payments but due to problems in my country, terrible electrical management, random cuts, etc.) and I am writing from a rented computer.

UPDATE 21/03/23: Okey, now that it get my PC back, lets the screeshots time begin:

I also saw a very fresh tuning pack called AI Reset but don’t know if it actually works…