Easy fix for laming

Here my suggestion to address the laming issue.
Make all animals that drop food only intractable with villagers. That includes taking possession of sheep. Keep the deer behavior to run away from units. Also, make all animals drop the food no matter how they died.

you think the devs can’t? The question is ‘should they?’, not ‘can they?’

Now you can scout your base and find your sheeps with your scout. In the new situation you need to send a vill to the sheeps before you can posses them? Pretty bad.

There are better fixes in the next thread:

Some of them are even more easy to implement, like give boars extra attack against scouts / eagles. Increase there hit box makes them maybe more blockable. Both are easy fix and seems much more easy to implement.


I would like this :slightly_smiling_face: There is no reason why being killed by military unit would spoil the meat of animal.