Easy To Implement Changes

Just a list of tiny changes I’d like to see that would (hopefully) be easy to implement. For dev consideration.

  • Have Indian sacred cattle use the new African Royals zebu model.

  • Slightly Increase the volume of some of the new native voice lines and the lines certain from AI personalities. I can barely hear what Maurice is saying half the time.

  • Decrease flail elephant volume

  • Decrease the price of Zouves and other underused mercenaries to make them more usable.

  • Have slow or just plain bad shipments like Agents and politicians like The Inventor deliver a few xp crates to make them less punishing to pick and to give old civs access to the xp crate mechanic.

  • Increase the health and damage of weaker revolutionary units like the java spearman and the vaquero to make them less ineffectual against the age 4 and 5 units they’ll typically be fighting against.

  • Have the south Africa revolt enable the askari unit to be trained at the fort and barracks

  • Allow the full information of what a native trade post provides and for what price to be viewed just from clicking on the tp socket.

  • Change the name of legacy Inca natives to Quecha or some similar native group from that area to avoid confusion with the Inca Civ and allow access to their techs and units through the American Allies card for the Inca.

  • Change the name of the legacy native tomahawk warrior available through treasures and the mohawk statesman politician to “Mohawk Tomahawk”. Having the “Tomahawk” accessible to the Haudenosaunee be a different unit from the “Haudenosaunee Tomahawk” which is not accessible to the Haudenosaunee is unnecessarily confusing.

  • Make levied troops for African civs and warriors from Native American civs 0 pop units but give them a build limit of 20 or 30 to prevent shenanigans with infinitely spawning warriors crashing the game.

  • Make tribal marketplaces free to build like African granaries but with decreased hp to discourage walling with them.

  • Change the description of the Cooperation big button to better reflect its in-game effect.

  • Slightly decrease the pop of non-African outlaws such as the pirate, wokou pirate, and thugees to encourage their use. Asian Dynasties’ outlaws are particularly unrewarding to use.

  • Have unique church tech cards list the names of the techs they enable in the card

  • Change the US Sharpshooter’s compendium page to feature the correct image. It is currently showing the Colonial Looter treasure guardian.

  • Change the Spanish flag to the Mexican flag in the Campaign mission “Hold the Fort” if this can be done without actually changing the civ that the AI is playing as.

  • change the unit pool for the Lakota bandit gang card to only include trainable outlaws and not treasure guardians.

  • And lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: double or triple the damage dealt by the honey badger treasure guardian. I think it would be amusing but also interesting to have a treasure guardian that is easily dealt with when microed but can do a lot of damage if it catches you in melee. It might also be a good teacher for new players as to why microing on treasures is important.


Yes please, that obnoxious noise they make when sieging stuff is even worse than tc bell on aoe4


Clicking on the socket while holding the “Ctrl” or “Alt” key (I don’t quite remember) shows it to you.

Ufff, this would be great.


I thought there was a key to do that but the problem is I couldn’t remember which one either lol. It’d be better if it came up just from clicking for those that can’t remember it and the 95% of players that don’t know about the feature at all.

When I see a 35c treasure I don’t want to waste time going back and forth, also I don’t want to waste the stun ability unnecessarily. I don’t see the point of making these high attack, not everything needs to be complicated.

Thats the funniest part of use them hahaha