Economy is broken

if u send 2 villager to build a building it show double as fats but instead their is a penalty.
And few people know this so they split villager and send them to construct b uildings individuslly. This is very unfair bc not everyone knows it. The person that knows it builds double as fast than the person that doesnt. And it makes no sense, why do # ######## massive micro?
There should be no penalty at all. High elo players abuse all economy exploits to such an extend that i automaticAlly ban them from my games. I my self like to play chill, not folowing memorized building orders but follow my own, and i am in no mood to styress myself microying like a mf just to get that edge.

bc of this eco is massively broken for those that play the game normal. They r at A HUGE DISADVANTAGE. needs fix asap

You need 4 villagers to speed up the construction time twice; 7 if you want to build three times faster and 10 villagers to build 4 times faster
As far as I know, it has always been like this

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Where does it show that 2 villagers build double as fast?

In any case, AoE2 is in part a knowledge game and has been for over 20 years. That might make it harder for new players to get into, but it also makes it rewarding for those that have played for a long time. Also, the knowledge about villager build speed is far from the most impactful. Bonus damage or armor values, for example, are not shown anywhere in the game and have far bigger consequences.

And why does a knowledge issue have to be resolved by radically rebalancing everything? A much more straightforward and easier to implement solution is to provide the knowledge to players; e.g. through loading screen tips. The villager building time thing is perfect for that, because it is relevant to all matches and can be communicated in just one or two lines.

Also, if you prefer to play at a casual level, then it is really not the villager build time oddities that makes you win or lose matches.


Its almost like they are high elo for a reason…


If you play,ranked then you won’t match with those high elo guys…you only match with people of similar elo


Donthey have people in the negatives to match with him

so if I build a castle with 20 villagers it builds in 10 seconds? do you realize how much this would change the game?


My classmate spend 3 more hours per day studying math and scored 30 points higher than me in an exam. This is very unfair because I cannot afford the time to study! How dare he exploit the endless knowledge I can’t understand?

This game is too stupid for you, genius.