Edge-of-Screen Scrolling Should Have the Option of Being Disabled

I use WASD to scroll because it allows more freedom of my cursor, but when I’m doing something near the edge of the screen, and then my view suddenly goes flying miles off from what I’m doing, it totally kills what I’m doing. There should be an option to disable scrolling using the mouse. (If there already is, please let me know.)

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use all other hotkeys, so you dont need that freedom of the cursor 11

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You can make the scrolling speed unbearably slow and prevent it from mattering, but I don’t know how much that would affect using WASD as camera controls. That seems insane to me, tbh, since the grid hotkeys for buildings and units are all bound up with those binds.

My hotkeys all work fine. Changing the scroll speed also impacts scrolling with the keys, so that’s not an option.