Editing older posts

I have 2 different posts that I maintain by actively updating the main post.

Suddenly I find that I can only edit my two most recent replies to these topics, and no longer the original post. Is this a bug, an intentional change, an issue on my end?


I faced this problem too in the beta forums. It seems like you can’t edit posts that are older than a couple of weeks. I don’t really understand why and I think it should be changed.

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@DodoNotDoDo Can this be changed? If a person radically edits his posts so that they are not at all like the first post, then moderator could revert edits anyway.

Hi @Zetnus,

I moved this topic to the #General-Discussion forums since it has more to do with the entire franchise than just Age of Empires II.

The limit on forum posts has always been the case since the new forums were launched in June 2018. Forum topics which require regular updates over a long period of time are not well suited to these forums. Your forum topic can be converted to a wiki topic which can be edited by a regular forum user at trust level 3 or higher. More info on trust levels here and more info on wiki posts here.

As far as increasing the time limit on being able to edit forum topics for normal forum users, that is something that I can ask the team about but understand that the limit is there to discourage necro or spam edits. You’re welcome to send me edits to incorporate and after review I can update your original topic. You can also become a regular member on the forums and be granted the ability to edit your own wiki topics.

Thanks for your response! I understand the reasons for limiting the editing of older posts.
I’ll look into the trust levels and wiki stuff (btw, you forgot to include the link for info on wiki posts).
Honestly though, getting a comment section on individual mods is what I am actually looking for, and I’m sure others would benefit from this too. The thread was only a workaround in the first place.
Thanks for the offers regarding edits, but I wouldn’t want to burden you. I’ll probably just use the replies to provide the new info, or maybe switch to hosting threads in a different forum that is more trusting of it’s members.

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You’re welcome. Wiki post link added. Game mod comments is a popular suggestion. For now it seems #age-of-empires-ii:age2de-modding is the best place for such topics.