Editor Problem - changing Object costs

I am trying to modify all the ressource costs of units for a scenario right now.
Basically, all Units created in the Barracks are supposed to only cost gold for example.

Changing the costs works fine for Units that already cost gold in unmodded AoE,
but for the Halberdier my triggers simply dont work because that Unit only costs food and wood normally (at least i think thats the problem)

At first i tried the Effect: “change object cost”, but that one seems to have the most problems.
So i used the Effect “change Attributes” which means i have to create one for each Ressource individually, but for the Champion and Elite Eagle this worked (reducing existing costs to zero is no problem).

But when using this trigger to make the Halberdier cost gold, it simply doesnt work.
I tried both “set” and “add” as Operation, but neither of them makes him cost gold.
Instead, when testing he will simply cost nothing.

Any ideas on how to fix this or is it not possible?

You could make a datamod for it if it’s not possible in the map editor. The Advanced Genie Editor is in the tools folder at your aoe2de folder.

Hopefully someone more versed than me can give you a better answer as to if it is possible in the map editor or not. Could be the problem is exactly the fact that it doesn’t normally cost any gold. In the genie editor however you can change these settings. This would require the map also to be always played with the datamod to make it work the way you want to.

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Thanks for the reply, i will check the Genie Editor out,
tbh i didnt know that something like this existed :slight_smile: