Editor Trick Troll Morality

I like to make a generic 8 player arena map with the diplomacy set to 7v1 on editor and then using triggers give myself every unique tech and unit of every civ. Then i like to start a Noobs only lobby and tell them its this fun new offical bug patch mod off of AOE website when they ask why its custom scenario. Then i wait till everyone is in the imp and destroy with OP units and they get all mad and have no idea whats going on.
is this wrong???

Well, it doesn’t look like a reason to get you banned. Therefore, it seens ok.
Maybe the bashed noobs won’t play multiplayer ever again, but it doesn’t matter, as their money was already consumed and transformed in next month update.

After all, removing new players from the game while keeping their money may avoid a lot of problems in the future (see some of the ridiculous recent balance changes suggestions).

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If you have to ask you already know the answer…


Do you really need an answer for that?
The best answer is to imagine yourself as one of those guys.

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This is just cheating to me. What is your user name in AoE II so i can report you?

So you smurf and then make threads complaining civs are too OP because you win too easily? top kek

I find it rather ironic tbh

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Rick sanchez is my name

But its 1v7 how is that unfair. I dont think any of you could fight 7 noobs at once even if you had all techs.

Man, if you can afford to wait to Imp against 7 players without dying, then you’re playing with really BIG noobs. I bet anyone else involved in this thread could at least beat 2 of them in Feudal with a rush.

Another person that watches Rick and Morty and imagines they are Rick.



There your name is Rommel, here your name is Rick Sanchez?!
I dont believe you

His real name is Rick Roller.

Y’all wouldn’t believe, but OP turned himself into the most outrageous thing. Funniest **** I’ve ever seen.

lol good one.

PickleNational then?