Effects of giving long boats the ability to only Garrison up to 5 Berserks

Read an idea that interested me and wanted to go with it as it’s near something I’ve already requested anyways -

Longboats garrison up to 5 Berserks and gain a speed boost from the extra rowers much like a ram - it may be used offensively but at the same time at the risk of losing 6 units per longboat.

Furthermore it may be used as a berserk-only transport.


I’m honestly not opposed to the idea. Not really a wannabe pro mindset, but the Vikings design always disappointed me in terms of UUs. I always wished the Berserk would be A) renamed to Berserker, and B) actually go berserk when it dropped below a health threshold. And I always wanted Longboats to carry units, or at least Berserks.


I think it would be a useless flavor buff at best and think the devs should focus their efforts on civs and stuff that actually need fixing.

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I actually agree with this, more or less. Increasing the speed could be problematic as you would potentially have an uncatchable ship, and the other player would not be able to prevent a landing. So perhaps the garrison ability should be locked behind careening or something.

I think we could do with a few low-impact flavor buffs, and implementing something like this is not very resource intensive such that it would gobble up lots of dev time. Of course stuff like civ balance remains a much greater priority, but this would be a fun little addition, especially for scenarios. IIRC there’s currently no way to make units/buildings garrison units in the Editor unless they can already (although just an Editor fix for that would satisfy my interest in this concept).


Berzerkers deal damage on death maybe?

The way I would do it is when they drop below half health, they go Berserk. So their graphic changes to a broken shield, two handed grip on the axe, and a tattered cloak. And it gets a large speed buff, loses all armor, and deals extra damage while attacking faster.

In that case why not just make it sorta like a konnik like wheb they die they become another unit?


That would also be an option.

Something that could be used for a brand new civi not a classic one.

There aren’t really new civs that have the potential for this kind of thing in the way the Vikings do, it was kind of their signature thing, having a horde show up in Longships, charge ashore, kill and burn and loot, and retreat to the sea.


I feel like a unit so zealous or insane that when it runs out of health it gains a huge stat boost, is invulnerable and goes on a rampage but dies after a few seconds guaranteed.

I wanna throw in my 2 cents here i personaly like the flavor of longboats getting 5 carry capacity but honestly i would say only 5 all regular can Board like a transport ship and maybe beserker and archer if garrisoned give a bonus to the arrows

Really like the idea. It may be interesting if they increase damage output of longboats too.

Honestly, the idea sounds good on paper but will probably be quite useless in practice:

  • At the time when you have longboats and a castle, the costs of affording a transport ship are negligible.
  • Buffing speed/attack/whatsoever by garrisoning units will always be weaker than just building a few more ships.

If someone wanted the true viking flavor, one need to have a warship with transport capability for military units in feudal already. It could be the longboat (with adjusted stats of course).
Also time-period-wise it would fit the Vikings. They should be a civ that dominates the waters in the early game, but fall off pretty sharply in late Castle-Imperial. But this would require a complete overhaul of the civ, and I don’t think it’s a good idea for the same reasons I’d object drastic redesigns of all original AoK-AoC civs.


Probably missread mine. What i ment is longboats with +5 carry capacity and if beserks or archer are loaded they get a bonus on the arrows

Edit: in hindsight i guess it would work since longboats are accesable in castle without need of a castle but building archer would be in insensive to travel them over sea and strengthen the longboats power. Same for beserks in a ship that also benefits from careying them it would be easier to set up beserker raids

But raiding on Island maps from castle age onwards isn’t doing much. The opponent can defend just by placing two tcs inland, and defending the shore with ships. Maybe 1-2 monks if that alone is not sufficient. Hence, the investment in the landing party will just not pay off, because you’ll likely lose water.

The only phase of the game where landing with military (as opposed to build on the opponents island) might pay off is dark age/early feudal. See the Northern Isles map.

How about this- archers increase arrow fire, and berserks increase ship speed.

seems a good one 20 char

Wont this fit for any kida piracy related faction like woku pirates barbery corrosiers vandals etc.