Egyptian Fast Revolution

Why does the AoE 3 community harbor so many toxic lamers who enjoy gimmick strats like Fast Egyptian Revolution? These players build a fort and 5 outposts as well as 3 TCs, turtle for 15ish minutes then go Egyptian Revolution and triple the size of your army. When used against rush civs (e.g. Africans, Native American civs, etc) its significantly overpowered.

Why can’t you lamer players play a normal game? Could yall maybe go play age 4 and bring your cringe turtle strats over there?


  • Nerf the Egyptian Rev

It was nerfed in the last patch.

I never faced one, but what about booming and cannons or mortars? Maybe even that card that allows you mortars on III makes suddenly a chance to be useful.


Never even seen this strat, can’t be that big of an issue. All I ever see is barbary states revolt.

de hecho esa es la que veo más seguido, pero no tanto yo soy mucho de jugar italia y si bien en un inicio la hice unas cuantas veces, me aburrio por lo lammer que era asi que decidi hacer otras cosas como rush en 2° o FF o peleas de mercenarios el rush en 2° falta pulirlo por que con los italianos apesta un poco xd, aunque con España es muy viable eso hay que decirlo.

I guess you lost against an Ottoman FI? XD

I think your opponent used Egypt by mistake, it’s clear that he really wanted to use the Barbary States. XD

Honestamente no creo que debamos tomarnos enserio a este tipo, esta claro que esta hablando enojado. XD

Can’t rush a turtle, got to boom.


I guess we’re just calling any strat that involves post age 2 play broken now


Egyptian revolutions is nothing special in 1v1 supremacy. It‘s one of the weakest revolutions actually. Top tier is belong to Barbary and Argentina revolution. Maybe the critical issue which you want to blame for is ottoman’s turtling, but it has been nerfed by removing age 3 tc shipment recently. :thinking: