Eight New Campaigns by Filthydelphia (FE Campaign Designer)

PhillySouljah,greeting!I am a Chinese player in AGE2DE,I really like your mod campaign haiku.I want to translate it into Chinese.But I cannot find the infomation in google ,wiki,or baidu about your main character Soji,I CANNOT find the infomation about Soji,please tell me the infomation about him,thanks for pleasures if you can give me a hand.

Hi, @Cly0806. Soji is a fictional character for the campaign. He was not a historical person. Hope that helps and good luck with the translation!

Thanks for your reply,looking forward for your Constantinople mod.And I cannot find the explanation of
Kankoku ,can you give me an explaination?

Hi,PhillySouljah,greeting,I have found your some mistakes explaination in the mod the city of peace.The Barmakids are not the Buddhists from Bactria,they are the Parsees from the Sassanid Persia.


Thank you for your diligence and thoroughness in researching the translation!

Kankoku is the Japanese term for “Korea”. You can translate it to the Chinese term for Korea.

As for the Barmakids, Wikipedia tells me they were Buddhists originally from Balkh (Bactria).

The Barmakids (Persian: برمکیان‎ Barmakīyān ; Arabic: البرامكة‎ al-Barāmikah );[1] also spelled Barmecides , were an influential Iranian[2][3][4] family from Balkh where they were originally hereditary Buddhist leaders (in the Nawbahar monastery),[5][6] and subsequently came to great political power under the Abbasid caliphs of Baghdad. Khalid, the son of Barmak became the prime minister ( wazir ) of Al Saffah, the first Caliph of the Abbasid dynasty. His son Yahya aided Harun Al-Rashid in capturing the throne and rose to power as the most powerful man in the Caliphate.

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Found some funny stuff about your scenarios Custom scenarios can change Organ Guns voice

Phily, can you make a campaign focussed on the Islamic civilisations, particularly this angle of the Abbasid rise to defeat the Umayyads, and the Middle Eastern intrigues.

Three Kingdoms: Cao Cao’s Ambition has reached 10,000 subscribers! Thanks to everyone for supporting my custom scenarios! Two more will be arriving very soon!

Here’s a little work-in-progress sneak peek. Can you guess the setting and theme?


looks like japan and something to do with kyoto.

idle curiousity - can you make any “normal” campaigns, especially something maybe centered around the lithuanians?

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I wish to play crusader scenarios :slight_smile: Either Baltic crusades or Holy Land crusades - first, third or Edward I. expedition.

Good job. I particularly love the Manuel scenario!

Sengoku Jidai from 1467? Even the waves look like Japanese :shinto_shrine:

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Is there a real world map to scenario editor map converter tool for AOE2: DE? There was one for AOK:HD
AOE2 Real Map Creator

Hi!PhillySouljah,greeting!I find your name in the mod city of peace,are you a Muslin?I found this game so interesting!

Sengoku Jidai from 1467? Even the waves look like Japanese

Ding ding ding. Sengoku Jidai period it is, although the scenario starts a bit later (after the Portuguese have arrived, for example). Glad you like the waves as well! I was trying to have a cool East Asian art-style vibe with them! :slight_smile:


Any scenarios made with that tool can be opened in AoE2:DE. All you have to do is re-save the scenario in DE with the DE editor and it will convert the scenario to the new game’s format. Hope that helps.

Note, I did not use that tool to make my Japanese scenario or any other real-world style scenario – I hand painted all of my scenarios with the in-game editor. The tool is very cool, but real-world proportions sometimes don’t work well with AoE.

In case, the AoE2ScenarioParser tool seems to be working on AoE2 DE scenarios (using Python).

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@PhillySouljah thanks for your work. Man. I gonna be honest haven’t tried your custom campaigns (I’m finishing your official ones ;)) but I was wondering if is there any xhance of getting a Lithuanians campaign, since they’re the only civ without neither an scenario nor a campaing. Thanks!

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You perhaps want to try out this Lithuanian Historical Battle scenario:


A Japanese story.
The blue player looks like Osaka and the gray player looks like Tokugawa alliance.
Maybe it is a campaign about Sanada Yukimura, right?
I think the story and life about Yukimura and his Sanada clan are worth to be made a series campaign, like Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada.

That’s really clever, but no, the player colors are going to change. There’s a reason I have blue in the middle (for now), but that does not mean the Human Player will control Kyoto or Osaka. Nice guess though.

It will actually take place earlier (around 1550 - 1590).