Elephant counter

What is the best counter to elephants?
I know experts will say don’t let them get to the state where they can be produced, but doesn’t really work on my limitied level.

Pikes are too weak, so I guess crossbows, but they have to get up close and get stomped

It’s pikes or monks. Pikes are not too weak, you just don’t have enough of them.


Pikes or monks against burmese, khmer and viets.
Cav archers against malay.

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As everyone said, pikes or monks. If you go pikes, scorpions are a great support unit

flaming camels


Pikes deal massive damage to elephants (+32 +47 and +60 respectively, they take both the anti cav and anti elephant bonuses). Keep in mind the price of those beasts, even losing 2-3 pikes per elephant is worth it. Some ranged units safely behind to deal extra damage also might help.

Monks are also good against small numbers, especially since only the Malay (who have the cheapest and weakest elephants) have heresy.

Upgraded spearmen

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