Elephants can garrison buildings

Elephants can currently Garrison keeps, TC, Outposts

please fix it.


Yes, this is annoying.

If this is a conscious choice, the elephants should garrison equivalent to their pop space. An outpost should be able to hold just one elephant, if at all.


That’s not a bug. This is intended. Why would you think it was a bug?

Tower elephant garrisoning inside a tower?

Does that sound realistic to you?

Have you seen the transport ships in pretty much every AoE game? Actually make that any kind of transport in almost every RTS game. Would you prefer people also can’t transport elephants?

I think it’s hilarious that suddenly a bunch of elephants could surprise attack you from an outpost that way.

I prefer a transport ship with 16 slots can ship only 5 elephants as they take 3 pop space each.