Elephants cannot attack cavalry

Delhi’s war elephants cannot attack cavalry units. When I let them attack cavalry units, they stop all motions or attack the other objectives. It must be bug.


wow this delhi nerf just keeps getting better and better


Keep reporting the bugs so devs can fix! Thanks everyone :smiley: Will need to avoid Delhi in the meantime though

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Even after the patch, I still want to try to play Delhi but you really can’t.
Amongst the myriad of bugs mentioned already, I click war elephant to attack knights. Elephant stops!!!
My goodness . . . with all do respect, people do need to be furious and emotional in their response to this patch.

Other than the Rus artifact bug and the French Hulk nerf, this patch did more harm than good.


I cannot seem to reproduce this.

War elephants, not tower war elephants. Maybe that helps. It was vs French if that makes a difference. I know the devil is in the details.

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Not sure if it was the animation or the actual attack… but i noticed this before the patch

Hey @Innocentfishrmn and @haigyou! Do you know if you were using a direct attack or Attack move?

I’m not seeing this in my games, but I’ll take it to the team so we can check it out.

I was moving to attack. Clicked war elephant, then targeted calvary and click to attack from a distance. Elephant stopped moving.

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It sometimes happens to me with tower elephant too, if I click on any target (not only cavalry), they sometimes stop moving. It’s like they don’t want to go in melee but it never happens with buldings.

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Honestly this has happened to me for any unit/building, not just cavalry. The only way I can make them attack is by moving them next to whatever I want them to attack.