Eliminated enemy's units continue to attack

IDK if this is a bug or not but the enemy is inconsistent in what it does when eliminated via landmarks. The player / AI turns white and most units stop moving. But villagers continue to collect resources and if the military was attacking upon elimination they continue attacking. They follow their target across the map like wolves. Shouldn’t they just get set to idle? It’s annoying because I can’t attack-move to kill them since they are no longer enemy - I have to single click attack to kill each unit individually.

It’s also annoying that the villagers continue collecting resources, reducing the amount available to players. The white player doesn’t spend so why are they collecting?

Also, the white units can be claimed with monk conversion. Is that intended? Seems potentially OP to be able to convert 30 villagers that can’t run away.

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I just noticed that recently myself. Not sure if it’s always been a thing or not. I would also prefer any active AI units to stop what they’re doing upon defeat. Also, converting white units worked for you? I tried it once and they instantly died upon being converted.

I’ve always been too busy doing the eliminating to try it myself but an ally in one of my games converted swathes of villagers behind the destruction and kept using them to erect keeps.

Thanks, all! Neutral unit behavior is something the team is looking in to. Appreciate the report @Heftydogg!